Player Hits a Home Run With No Hands

One of the questions I often get is weather a player should have a one hand or two handed finish. My answer, it does not make any difference. The bat is ballistic at contact meaning you can let go of the bat as you release the barrel and the ball will go just as far.

Youth Baseball Drills-The HyperFocus Helmet

“Concentration is pre-potant. It is first and most powerful a performer’s skill. That means any other circumstance, problem, or possible distraction becomes irrelevant to a hitter during his at-bat. His concentration leaves no room in his mind for any intrusive thought”.

Youth Baseball Hitting Drills-Hitting Revelation

Last night, Ronnie Deck and I sat until after midnight discussing hitting. Ronnie spent the last year as the bullpen catcher and coach for the Baltimore Orioles big league team. I wanted to pick his brain about what they do in their system and about their hitting progression.

Youth Baseball Drills-How to avoid the "Two A's"

Youth Baseball Drills-How to avoid the “Two A’s” After a long winter of training, many youth players are getting outside for the first time to start their games. Players and parents alike are excited to see how off-season training will benefit them in the start of the year. More than just getting mechanics correct,

3D Analysis For Baseball

3D Analysis For Baseball  Those of you who know me, know I am the biggest proponent of video analysis with hitters. To me, video analysis has revolutionized, and increased efficiency in hitting instruction. Hitting coaches who do not use it, are simply guessing.

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