Demo Videos

Video demonstrations of real people using The HyperFocus Helmet, along with their reactions and feedback.

Side Toss Drill

Using the Hyperfocus Helmet during side toss is a great way to build muscle memory tracking the ball by moving the entire head instead of using your peripheral vision to hit the ball. The Hyperfocus Helmet is an innovative and patent pending product for baseball and softball players of all ages. In baseball and softball, …

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Front Toss Drill

Learn To Track The Baseball Better by Using The Hyperfocus Helmet. Increase your hand-eye coordination and focus on the baseball. The Hyperfocus Helmet helps you build the muscle memory needed to consistently track the baseball to the contact zone.

Tee Work

Tee work is a key ingredient in becoming a great hitter. Youth players often goof off and lose their focus on the ball. They end up hitting more tee than the ball. Why not train them to HyperFocus on the ball with The HyperFocus Helmet?

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