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Tee work Is a Must For Youth Baseball Players

As a father of a youth baseball player it amazes me the lack of tee work. I do not understand this. Every professional player has a tee work routine. They work on repeating their swing over and over correctly. Tee work at the youth level is basically

We Expect Perfection

The title says it all! As a parent of a youth baseball I expect my son to be perfect. What am I thinking. What is wrong with me. I played baseball as a kid and I made my fair share of errors.

Freshman Baseball

Well it is official, my son is on the c team. I know that they do not cut freshman. Kids all develop in different way and at different times in their lives. As I watched the tryouts

Youth Baseball Drills-How to avoid the "Two A's"

Youth Baseball Drills-How to avoid the “Two A’s” After a long winter of training, many youth players are getting outside for the first time to start their games. Players and parents alike are excited to see how off-season training will benefit them in the start of the year. More than just getting mechanics correct,

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