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Paying Proper Attention-The Ability to Concentrate on Task

Last night I finally got back to reading The Mental Keys to Hitting and I wanted to share a very powerful paragraph in chapter six that talks about concentration. “Concentration is pre-potant. It is first and most powerful a performer’s skill. That means any other circumstance, problem, or possible distraction  becomes irrelevant to a hitter …

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13u Baseball A Weird Year

What a weird year of baseball this year is going to be. The field is too big for the littler kids (smaller in stature) and the pitching is not fast enough to dominate. It is a hitters’ year.

Skype Hitting Lessons

Today my son and I had a lesson with his hitting coach Justin Stone. Every time we have a lesson I learn something new about hitting mechanics. Today’s lesson was about the scap load and sinking into the ground to generate the power in his swing. Building a good solid baseball swing takes time and …

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