Common Hitting Mis-Teaches, "Get Extension" – Justin Stone

I think one of the biggest red flags for hitting instructors spends a lot of time in a cage is one that
focuses on the result versus the process. How to create a favorable result and this is it no more so true met the hitting coach its telling hitter hey you’re rolling over at the point contact.

You need to get extension through that ball extension the final portion of the swing before the follow-through is all predetermined by the launch sequence so to be good out on the front side I’ve had to have every portion up the sequence correct on the backside I always compare the swing sequence to like a long roll dominoes each one pushing energy into the next to make the next segment go or fall down and that the end in portion of this swing or the into the role domino’s the last one to fall is the extension portion of this way so every Domino had to be correct in this sequence in order for the last domino to fall correctly in order for me to get that extension through the ball seen on the portion of contact to be on is simply a waste of time by teaching the swing sequence properly a hater is always going to be inside the baseball and has a chance for proper extension are correct swing sequence that has the lower body the rear leg firing open the hip chassis against a resisting upper body slotting the rear elbow close to my body getting connected and continuing to turn a rotation at the proper point to contact when my hands are launched the baddest spent in fact the bad as ballistic at ever gets to contact so my hand pat has been determined by the launch sequence the hand-eye coordination portion of the swing is the last and final part but still doesn’t have anything to do with the extension and that means to simply be mailed to adjust my hands my point man should be laid on a pitch or making sure that I disconnect a little sooner in the swing at the pictures away but at that point when the barrel head is launched the baddest spent and your extension or lack thereof was predetermined by all those previous steps during the process So actually working on extension inhibits a header from getting to it correctly what I see hitting coach is often do is putting the ball further out in front and telling hitters you need to stay through this ball further out in front when hitters do this they’re upper body gets ahead of their lower body which makes it impossible to be in the correct thing swing sequence because we’re losing our legs once we break forward or center hitters can achieve success in that type a drill bit are using a hand slapping punch to the ball that’s gonna have a little power behind the baseball because you’re losing your legs in this way so get extension the right way how do you do that getting sequence extensions like getting inside the baseball are things that I never have to talk about in the cage because if I teach the process correctly it’s a byproduct of achievement