Improve Your Focus


Last night I had another session with one of my players that is training with The HyperFocus Helmet during the off-season. It was his fourth session and I asked him what part of the program gives him the most trouble. His answer was Tee work that kinda shocked me because the ball does not move, it just sits there and cries out hit me.

If players lose focus on tee work what do think  happens when they see live pitching.  Training with The HyperFocus Helmet forces the player to concentrate on what he is doing, he see and feels what he is not doing correctly.  The HyperFocus Helmet provides the players and coaches with instant feed back.  The HyperFocus Helmet forces the player to have a purpose during batting practice and that purpose is to track the baseball and put a hurt on it.  Train with a purpose this off-season.



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