Freshman Baseball

Well it is official, my son is on the c team. I know that they do not cut freshman. Kids all develop in different way and at different times in their lives. As I watched the tryouts I could see that it was not his skills that were behind the other players it was his size and strength.I know how he feels. No matter how hard you try, you will have a really hard time beating out a 6-3 180lb upper class-men for the JV 3rd baseman’s job. We knew that going in. It is not about where you start its about where you finish. The mentally strong players last in this game because they can handle to failure. Size, strength and speed can always be improved but a weak mind has a hard time staying strong. The mental part of baseball is the hardest part to build. Have confidence in the play that you are no matter how hard you hit the ball or throw the ball. The physical aspects of your game will come. Never stop working toward your dreams, I am proud of you. It is going to be a fun 4 years.