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Almost every traditional mechanical flaw can be traced to a break down of the swing sequence.  Stop trying to fix the result and get to the root of the problem!  Justin Stone’s “Sequential Training” is a groundbreaking, 12 week hitting plan, that will allow you to unlock the big league swing in each of your athletes.  Throughout the 12 week plan you will be able to access 10 easy to follow streaming videos that are currently available on-line.

Justin Stone is recognized as one of the most progressive hitting coaches in the United States.  Stone utilizes his background in baseball, kinetics and 3D technology to create a program that teaches the most efficient sequential mechanics.  Stone was a former Division 1 coach at Indiana State University where he also received his MS degree.  He spent the last 8 years working in the Chicago White Sox organization.  This past year, Stone worked part time for USA Baseball in helping select the USA National Team.  Stone started Elite Baseball Training in Chicago in 2012, an instructional facility built on the concept of progressive training.

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