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Tee work is a key ingredient in becoming a great hitter. Youth players often goof off  and lose their focus on the ball. They end up hitting more tee than the ball.  It is important that when the players is hitting off the tee, he or she first starts their eyes out on the pitcher then move their head down to the ball. The player hits 3 contact point, ball middle, ball away and ball inside. ( 20 pitches each location ). This help to build the muscle memory to track the baseball/softball to contact. View the video below for example.




I like this drill because you can work on 3 different contact points. The first contact point I start with is the pitch right down the middle.  The player goal is to track the ball deep and drive it back up the middle at the pitcher.  ( 20-25 pitches ).

Second contact point is the pitch on the outside corner. The goal here is to have the player track the baseball/softball as deep as they can and hit it to the opposite field. What I like to do is have the player track the ball really deep, like he/she is going to hit the ball into the dugout. By doing this the player tracks the baseball as long as he can before he/she hits it. ( 25-30 pitches )

Third contact point the inside pitch.  This is the easiest pitch to see but one of the hardest pitches to hit and keep it fair. The goal here is to get your player to hit this pitch about 5-6 inches in-front of the plate and try to drive it into the right corner of the cage.  ( 20-25 pitches ).

Note: To the pitcher, it is easier to control the pitch location and plane of the ball when you stand up instead of sitting on a bucket to pitch the ball. View the video below for example.




The angle toss drill is a very good drill for simulating off speed pitches ( curve balls, sliders ). the objective of this drill is to force the player to track the baseball deep into the hitting zone and hit the ball either up the middle or the opposite field. The L- screen is set to the left of a right handed hitter and the right of a left handed hitter and about 10-15 feet away. Be sure to angle the net in-front of you to make it easier to pitch the baseball. We hit 3 rounds ( 20-25 pitches ) per round.




Hitting the inside pitch on the barrel and keeping fair is tough to do. The key to hitting this pitch is identifying it early and hitting it a few inches out in front of home plate. Soft toss allows you to slow the ball down and place the ball in the same location on every pitch. We hit 3 rounds of ( 20-25) pitches.

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