Justin Stones-Lack of Scapular Resistance

I am Justin Stone from elite baseball TV and one of the necessary components up correct swing mechanics is upper body resistance to the lower bodies momentum. We call this a scapular load, in a scap load I’m gonna pull back where my shoulder blade Pinches towards my spine tightening the coal oil around the back side of my body.

This is often associated with torque in the swing which is going to increase your bat speed your hand speed and keep your bat in the correct path to the baseball. The timing of this scap load is crucial the pullback needs to happen against the forward advance on the lower body this is going to tighten the coil around my back while all-round my rear hip into my lower back.

Coaches you want to look for this gap load its easy to pick up the two errors your players will make if either they won’t scrap load at all or they won’t maintain this gap load out into the foot down position. What this will look like if they don’t scap load their hands will begin to come forward, their rear elbow will drop into the slot which is often associated with the back shoulder. Dropping the back shoulder begins to tilt inside when the elbow slots to get the player on plane to the baseball if they don’t have a scap load this is going to happen to you soon ahead of the lower body should begin.

It will be unlocked so it looks like they’re back shoulders dropping early when in reality they’re just not getting into nor maintaining their upper bodies load position. Last the upper body scap load needs to be maintained as the lower body begins, This is what gonna increase your bat speed your hand speed your time to contact.