Meet the Inventor

Craig Shockman is the inventor of The HyperFocus Helmet. He is a huge fan of baseball and played the sport himself for more than 10 years.

At 24 years of age, Mr. Shockman started his own construction company which he successfully owned and operated for 14 years. After closing his doors in 2008 due to the Great Recession, he went back to school to study civil engineering.

Craig-Shockman---Inventor-of-the-HyperFocus-HelmetMr. Shockman is happily married man with 2 wonderful children who are both active in sports. His son Dalton loves baseball, and is ultimately the inspiration behind The HyperFocus Helmet. Simply put, Craig invented The HyperFocus Helmet to help his son be the best that he could be. It was only after it produced quick and amazing results for his son that he decided to bring the helmet to market.

Using his passion, experience, training and education, in both construction and engineering, Mr. Shockman has developed what has become the most cutting-edge hitting training aid on the market – it works automatically to improve a hitter’s ability to see and track the baseball.

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