Own Your Batting Practice Everytime.

When I take my son to our local baseball facility. I cant help to notice all of the players taking batting practice. I watch players hitting just to be hitting. Batting practice is not about how many swing you take but the quality of the swings you take. Having a purpose and a plan during batting practice is so very important. Before the end of each season I take some high speed video of my sons swing. The reason for that is to breakdown everything and find his weakness. Every hitter has them. From there I develop a plan to attack them one by one. This helps break up the long off-season and keeps him excited for the up coming season. Bad habits can creep into a players swing without him know it. Batting practice is a very useful tool if it is used correctly. So spend the time upfront to develop a plan and stick to it.

Dalton Hitting pic 4-10-14