Paying Proper Attention-The Ability to Concentrate on Task

Last night I finally got back to reading The Mental Keys to Hitting and I wanted to share a very powerful paragraph in chapter six that talks about concentration.

“Concentration is pre-potant. It is first and most powerful a performer’s skill. That means any other circumstance, problem, or possible distraction  becomes irrelevant to a hitter during his at-bat. His concentration leaves no room in his mind for any intrusive thought.

That’s an ideal, an ideal truth-and attainable. So the development of concentration skills should be at the top of the list of goals for every hitter. And it requires regular attention. The most skillful hitter can still improve. Judging by my experience, even big league hitters have plenty of room for improvement in this area. Most take their concentration for granted – until they begin to struggle, when their focus becomes broad and undisciplined.”

Wouldn’t it be beneficial to develop a HyperFocused off-season training program that helps build proper concentration skills so it becomes a routine. Baseball is a game of routines, the better you reproduce proper swing mechanic pitching mechanic fielding mechanic and tracking the ball the less you would struggle.



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