Orlando Cepeda
Orlando Cepeda SF Giants, Hall of Fame
“If I had this helmet when I played ball, I would have hit .350!”
Coach Justin Stone
Coach Justin Stone Elite Baseball
“Takes the guess work out of coaching…”
Coach Ali Cepeda
Coach Ali Cepeda Cepeda Baseball
“Teaches you to literally watch the ball hit the bat!”
Randy Redelf Proud Father
“His strike outs have dropped and his batting average and on base percentages have increased.”
Jay Garthwaite, Head of Player Development
Jay Garthwaite, Head of Player Development Diamond Sports
“Right away I noticed a difference, the players were making better contact.”
Coach Fagan, Lead Instructor Fundamentals Baseball Academy
“The results have been amazing!”
Brent Freeman Freeman Fastpitch Instruction
“I recommend this training aid for your daughter to make her a better hitter.”