The Importance of Tee Work

As a father of a youth baseball player it amazes me the lack of tee work. I do not understand this. Every professional player has a tee work routine. They work on repeating their swing over and over correctly. Tee work at the youth level is basically not important to many youth coaches that I have come across. They always try to teach the swing while trying to hit a moving baseball. Think about it for a second, if you can’t reproduce the correct swing on a  baseball that is not moving, how are you going to do it on a baseball that is moving. You can’t so why does this happen. First of all baseball is a game of work. In order to has success you have to practice and practice and then practice some more. A great baseball swing is taught, sure there is talent involved but there is also a lot of work that goes into it. That brings us back to the importance of tee work. Tee work allows you slow everything down and build a strong foundation. Work on the mechanics of the swing, develop the muscle memory needed to reproduce the same swing over and over again. It helps  build balance, good posture. There are so many benefits from tee work that will help the player succeed when the speed of the game increases.  This is the road I choose for my son, yes there are critics (some of his coaches) and yes I choose to sacrifice success in the now for success in the future. You need to remember a great hitter is not born, a great hitter is built and like anything that is built it needs a strong foundation.

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