We Expect Perfection

The title says it all! As a parent of a youth baseball I expect my son to be perfect. What am I thinking. What is wrong with me. I played baseball as a kid and I made my fair share of errors.

I also struck out a lot. What gives me the right to put so much pressure on my son to be perfect. Is it the pressure of not wanting your kid to be the one who loses the game for the team. Is it the little comments the other parents make behind your back about your kid. I know it is not that one, I don’t give a crap about what they say. I think it is the pressure of failure. We want to protect our children from it in everything they do. Where did I pick up that mentality, my parents never thought that way.

With youth baseball kids today they do not have room to fail. If they do not hit, they do not play. If they make an error they are moved to a different position. It is a rough environment to build a good player. Baseball is a game built on failure. As parents we need to be more supportive of all players on the team not just your son. It is not about winning championships at young ages, its about having fun and getting better at the game you love.