Youth Baseball Fielding Drill-Ground Ball Recieving Position

In holding the glove properly it becomes very important when we learn how to receive the baseball . Infielders receive the baseball differently than any other position players on the field. Infielders  do that first from a thumb up position with their hand extended of f the  body and their elbows stay away from the body. That basic receiving position will be knees bent chest slightly forward in the body’s basic athletic position.

The  elbows are extended off  the body and in with their thumbs up in a v shape. That receiving position allows the hands to be independent off  the body, where if the elbows get to the  body line the hands have hit a road block and they have no where to go and the hands become hard. Infielders want the hands to work freely out in front of the body. They do this by only catching half of the baseball.

Players when they first start playing catch at a young age usually catch the ball in the easiest place to receive it and that is in the web. When you do that you catch the whole ball and that is usually in the thumb down position. Everything we are trying to do as an infielder is about cutting down time and distance. Well one of the easiest ways to cut down time is in the exchange.

So when we receive in a thumb up position that allows us to catch half of the baseball in the flat surface of the glove or the pocket and keeping it out of the web. Then it is my glove fingers that come to the bare hand to make a quick exchange out of the glove. Which means every time I receive a ball between my shoulders area, I need to receive the ball with two hands not just to secure the catch but to make a quicker exchange